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Get Messy - providers of messy play family fun since 2018

Lisa and Kathryn have been running Get Messy in Red Beach, New Zealand since the beginning of 2018 and are passionate about the many benefits of messy play sessions.

Both are local Red Beach mum's with young families, two girls each - who LOVE to get messy!

 Lisa was involved with Messy play sessions in the UK before moving to NZ in 2015 and Kathryn has previous work experience in a childcare play center, also in the UK.

Fine Motor Skills


Messy play helps young children with their early motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination, precision and  concentration. When children squeeze soft dough, scoop up sand or make marks in foam, they are learning to refine their fine motor skills by using the muscles in their fingers, wrists, arms, toes and shoulders to make small movements.

Cause & Effect

Why Messy Play >



Many of the things we experience in life creates mess, following the simple principles of cause and effect.

Food preparation, building and construction, art etc. Understanding process creates strong foundations for children’s future learning. This leads to a greater awareness and appreciation of the world around them as they mature.

Risk Taking & Experimenting

Why Messy Play >



Risk is a vital component of children’s play. It allows children to be challenged, to face uncertainty, to problem-solve, to work with others, and to think outside the box. The creative process is characterised by risk taking, trying things out and experimenting. Taking risks in their play gives children the the opportunity to develop the use of their judgment

Social & Emotional 

Why Messy Play >



Messy play materials provide satisfying sensory experiences that can stimulate emotional well-being. Sensory play lets children make their own choices, which in turn helps them to become confident and happy decision makers. They learn cooperative skills when working beside others and also continue to develop their observation skills.

Language & Cognitive

Why Messy Play >



New words and meanings are introduced during messy play. Fun words such as gooey, squishy, slimy, cold and soft. As young children can’t explain things verbally, it allows them to share their discoveries in different ways through the use of objects and gestures, they need to think through their actions to communicate which also helps develop their cognition. 

Physical Development

Why Messy Play >



Messy play offers many physical benefits, allowing children to develop an awareness of their body and personal space whilst strengthening their muscle control. Children use the larger muscles in their arms, legs, feet and body to make bigger movements which support balance, coordination and strength.

Building Independence

Why Messy Play >



With messy play children can make their own entertainment in an unstructured and safe environment. With no right or wrong way to do things it's the ideal situation to foster independent thinking. Using their own mind to plan, explore and problem-solve, children build confidence and self-esteem that will help them develop as independent people.

Creativity & FUN

Why Messy Play >



Get Messy is all about letting children explore and experiment with different objects and raw materials without any end goals to restrict them.This type of creative play gives children endless ways to develop and learn.

It's also FUN for everyone.

We don't stop playing because we grow old we grow old because we stop playing! 

What others say about Get Messy 

'We love our Friday mornings spent at Messy Play. Thank you for going that extra mile to make sure my little boy is enjoying his experience . The lady’s who run this are so caring and kind and all the activities are well thought out. Thank you two again" 

- Sophie

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