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Home of sensory mixes and magical potion play 


Made for play

Ready to play sensory bases come in a variety of themes. Beautifully handmade, made to ignite your little ones imaginations for hours of fun.


Magical Play

Magical fizzing & foaming kits each one contains everything to mix up creative magical potion. 

Every child will love them. 

Pure magic!


Whimsical play

Magical potion mixes are perfect on their own or an add on to our powders. With lots of themes to choose from each will capture your childs natural curiosity.

Create A Little Magic Every Day

Bring the fun of sensory play to your home and explore magical fizzing, foaming mixes and beautifully curated sensory mixes. Sustainability is at the heart of all our products.  I have taken great care to ensure everything is either compostable, reusable or recyclable. Because we all need a little extra sparkle I use only certified Bio glitter which is compostable and safe for waterways.

​All products are handmade by me in my Get-Messy lab. So much care and time is taken into each product and I love using my homegrown organic flowers in the kits. Each of my products has been tried and tested by my 2 minis to ensure your little ones will love them too.​


Minutes to set up hours of fun

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