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Fizzing Potion Powder Mix

Fizzing Potion Powder Mix

PriceFrom $9.95

Potion Powder - Add water and watch it come alive.

Watch your little ones' faces light up with delight as they hear the fizz and watch the bubbles rise and pop. 


Get Messy potion powders are perfect for Making magical creative potions, creating an underwater world with a fizzing bubbling sea,  Dino land with bubbling lava or a magical fairy wonderland the possibilities are endless. 

There are lots of colours to choose from and not forgetting each pouch has a sprinkle of bio glitter to give it that extra special sparkle.


Available in 2 size 100g & 200g 



Developed and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand by Get Messy Lab (a mum)  Packaged in a resealable, compostable pouch, Bio glitter is certified safe for waterways and home compostable,

  • Recommended for ages 3+ years, adult supervision required. Potion mix may harden if this happens simply break up any chunks as needed. Avoid contact with eyes. May irritate small cuts or scratches on skin. If contact occurs, immediately rinse with cool running water.

    Sustainability is at the heart of all our products. All products are home compostable, including the packaging. We have lovingly sourced Bio Glitter that  is certified to biodegrade in Home compost, soil, waterways and fresh water 100% Plastic Free. 

    Im so proud to say we are 100% platic free 

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